Shed Those Summer Spots!

With the holiday season rolling around, everybody wants to look their best for holiday parties and family get togethers! And with all of the crazy events going on, who has time for downtime? Recently, Heights Dermatology has introduced a new laser, PicoGenesis, to the practice that eliminates the need for long downtime while still giving amazing results!

Get Your Skin Glowing!

Any skin type and age can benefit by using this product. You are able to see the visible results in as little as 14 days! Of course I had to try the product with all of these claims, and I was not disappointed.

The Perfect Pout Made Possible

Over the years lip fillers have recently become popularized by influensters on social media, promoting a full pout. What people usually don't know is how natural lip fillers can be. When you visit a licensed and talented provider (such as Dr. Billano) your lips don't have to look overdone.

Meet Brooke Tatum

A few months ago, I began a new phase in my career and started working as lead Aesthetician at Heights Dermatology and Aesthetics here in Birmingham, AL!

Your Skin Regimen Prescription

SkinMedica is a top-rated skincare line when it comes to medical grade skincare. The line includes a broad spectrum of high-grade ingredients that can only be distributed by a medical office. Having a wide variety of products to fit every skin type and need, there is something available for everybody!

This Fall is looking FABULOUS!

There are so many new and exciting things happening this month! With the fall time approaching, many people are looking to refresh and rejuvenate their skin after the summer months.