Your skin is an individual as you are

As we carefully venture back out of our houses and begin resuming going to work and business, as usual, many of us recommence anxious and ready to restart our aesthetic treatments.  Thus, the question we hear the most from you is," What do I do now?"


My favorite saying to my patients when I was an aesthetician for so many years was, "Your skin is an individual as you are."  This means, while there are those few essential components I generally recommend in every skincare and treatment plan, there will always be that unique combination or perfect addition, that makes knowing you, and knowing your skin unique to you.  This expertise and individual guidance I gave made all the difference. That's why I feel that during this pause, and procedure downtime we've had,  a routine skincare regimen has been especially important. I for one, am especially excited for its time in the spotlight. This time to focus on the importance of skincare is every Aesthetician's dream! Because guess what? Great consistent skincare can, and will always make a difference. It is and has always been the basis of the changes you want to see in your skin and the key to maintaining the longevity of all the fabulous results that in-office procedures offer us.

This has been our opportunity to help you build excellent skincare habits while we were apart. To support the health and beauty of your skin from afar and it's been so awesome to help so many create and receive excellent skincare regimens. Now that we are carefully easing back into seeing you in office, and the question is, "What do I do now? The answer is to schedule a consultation with us and allow us to create a plan that is individually yours.  Because your skin, your concerns, and your treatment plan are as individual as you are! We feel it is key to achieving your best results and the reason for our fabulous Welcome Back Package promotion this month!

We can't wait to see you again to plan a hydra facial, laser treatment, micro-needling, Botox, filler, and more. We want to recommend the best for you! So, let's get together this month, virtually or in the office, to talk about it! We are here for you and would love to answer your questions, big or small!


With so much love we welcome you back,


DeAnn Dunn


Practice Manager